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Parent and Toddler Gymnastics

Parent & Toddler Class Schedule

How much do the Parent and Toddler Group classes cost?

  • Club Membership & Gymnastics Ireland Insurance Fees apply to all children attending Excel Gymnastics. Our calendar year for Membership & Insurance runs from 1st September - 31st August each year. Term fees vary depending on the number of weeks per term. Registration is required each term to secure your child's place in the class.

  • Prepay Member : Membership & Insurance and Term Fees - €6.50/child x no. of weeks per term

  • Pay as you Go Member : Membership & Insurance and Term Fees - €8.00/child per class 

  • Pay as you Go Non Member - Please contact us for prices as a non-member and further information


*Non-members are entitled to two taster sessions, one of these sessions is a free trial and the other sessions are at the non member rate for that class. Then non members must pay €15 registration fee to Gymnastics Ireland to cover their insurance. This can be done at reception.

Parent and Toddler Classes

Parents participate in class alongside our coaches to support their child in FUN physical activities including: circle time, floor work, intro to skills on beam, bars and trampoline, kids circuits, games and exploration.

Our Parent and Toddler Group has been designed specifically to help develop:

  • Gross motor skills, balance, co-ordination, strength, flexibility, core stability 

  • Spatial and body awareness, organisation and sequencing

  • Listening and turn taking social skills

  • But most of all FUN for parents and children

Who delivers Excel Gymnastics – Parent and Toddler Group Programme?

A Team of highly skilled and trained Excel Gymnastics coaches.



Family Morning

The Family morning is a great opportunity for parents with more than one baby/toddler to

participate in our gymnastic programme open to children 4 months - 3 years.

Snacks provided for children afterwards for time to meet and chat with the other parents in class.



Testimonials – What Parents are Saying


"A great class that my daughter loves; she talks about it all week! As well as developing  body awareness, balance, and co-ordination, she is learning social skills in a fun environment. Within a short time she has grown in confidence too. As a parent, it also provides inspiration for games to play with her at home to support her development." Sarah N.

"The coaches are great! The girls make this a super class; they really know how to engage with toddlers." Mairéad S.

"This class is perfect for my toddler. The coaches are very relaxed; you can see that they love children. I like how my daughter can participate in the group activities but explore the gym as well. The coffee and snack element afterwards (on Tuesday) is also a great day & allows the parents to chat (& the kids to socialise)."

-Katharina K.

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